Village GreenThank you to Henk Kuiper, Niek Galama, Katja Caulton and Jeannette Langerak who are the DRIVERS of this project.

A final plan has been drawn up that has been presented to and is currently being considered by FNDC. The plan for the Paihia Village Green enhancement was prepared by the Village Green Phantom Group under the Focus Paihia umbrella.

The brief from Focus Paihia was basically two-fold:

  • To improve the looks of the space.
  • To encourage increased use of the Green without impinging on the open area that is required for continued market/functions etc.

The phantom group spent a significant amount of time considering various options and have discussed the plans with many different people to try to get a feel for what the community would like to see on their Green.

The plan was presented last April in a Focus Paihia public meeting of more than 200 residents. The plan was also presented from 9 April – 5 May in the Paihia Op Shop to give people the opportunity to have their say. Feedback forms were available and collected there also. Feedback was very positive.

The basics of the plan are quite simple:

  • Improve the north side of the Green by making a large timber deck and open up the backside of the shops to the Green for future developments.
  • Remove the rocks along the roadside and replace with benches and planting with enough accessibility from the footpath to the Green. Monument stays like it is.
  • Bring the overall aspect more in line with the maritime feeling of Horotutu.
  • Locate 1 or 2 public bbqs along the river side of the Green.
  • Use as much as possible existing material – wharf timbers for the benches.
  • No digging or construction work into the ground is needed except for in areas where this has already occurred.
  • The curved seating on the Green slope is still under consideration. There is likely to be fewer and their construction is being developed so that they would require ‘no digging’ into the Green.

The presentation the Community Board was well received. There were minor questions about the plan that were explained and there was also discussion pointing out that the choice of plants is important. Natives will be used. This is still being developed.

The Community Board was very supportive and advised us to work with Sue Hodge and the Community Services Development Committee.

Progress will be advised.

This project is expected to take place nearer to Spring. Focus Paihia will keep you posted as to when it will happen via Facebook and the Focus Paihia subscription database. Alternatively, if you would like to put your name forward now as a potential volunteer, drop us an email here at Focus Paihia, with your details.



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