The CCTV Camera project covers Opua through to Paihia & Waitangi, Haruru and Watea.  Kings Rd, the CDB and Haruru Falls now all have operational cameras with more to come for other locations to complete project.

While CCTV forms part of a process of making our community safer it is not the only part of it. Paihia Community Patrol still works within our community to be a visible presence on our streets and is always looking for more volunteers to help.

Also ensuring all antisocial/illegal behavior is reported to the police immediately is incredibly important so they can use the CCTV footage to help remedy the issues. Please don’t rely on this CCTV to completely stop crime and antisocial behavior. We all still need to be active in looking after our community and our neighbours.

Security and Safety has been a top issue for our community for some time especially given the tightening of Police budgets. In the Focus Paihia community meeting regarding the Masterplan on Wednesday 27 August 17 people (out of 90 attendees) mentioned security and safety related issues as the top thing that made them sad or mad.

CCTV has been suggested in Paihia and surrounds as a solution to these ongoing issues for a number of years. While originally raised by Business Paihia the project was later taken up by Focus Paihia as it was seen in the wider community’s interest not just the business community. The most vulnerable areas were identified by Police, Security, Community Patrol and concerned members of the public.

Since then Focus Paihia has put in considerable efforts to raise (and are still raising) the funds to cover the complete project from Watea to Opua. Focus Paihia have been unable to get 100% of the funding at one time have undertaken to complete the project in stages. Thank you to PUB CHARITY for their continual support and recognition of our efforts.

The cameras act as a deterrent to all troublemakers both from the area and coming to town who think they can act invisibly. They also have helped solve a number of incidents for Police that may not have been resolved without the camera’s installation.

Focus Paihia is pleased to be able to work toward greater community safety with CCTV security for the wider area. Please contact Focus Paihia if you have queries or concerns.


Our protocols are robust and fulfill all the legislative requirements.

Our current system is not monitored. Should this change we can relook at the protocols but at this time it is not required.

Our protocols only provide footage to Police when requested (police id’s and case numbers required when requesting any footage. How police then use the footage is covered by their policy and legislation)

All footage is being recorded and stored on secure encrypted hard drives and is only accessed by authorised volunteers on police request for the time period requested as all footage is date and time stamped & encrypted so it can not be tampered with and is admissible as evidence if required.

Please note approximately 30 days of encrypted footage is stored in the system for each camera. This is to allow for the 2 weeks after a crime is reported it can take for Police to request the footage. After this time the footage is recorded over on the hard drive.

Focus Paihia is a Trust which means that the beneficial owners of the CCTV and all other Focus Paihia assets are the Paihia Community not the trustees. Trustees are responsible for managing in the assets for the community while fulfilling the vision, goals and objectives created via community consultation.



On the building on the corner of Kings Rd & Marsden Rd. Currently Super Liquor and Beached As holiday Accommodation. Thank you to Jean and Ken from Super Liquor for their support.

Money from Fullers Great Sights Fund Raiser ($8000) and the balance from Focus Paihia.

Intersection of King Street and Marsden Road

  • 4 x road license plate cameras,
  • 2 x intersection overview cameras
  • 1 x long range PTZ camera.
  • 2 x long range IR illuminators
  • Argos 1080/720p HD recorder with 4TB hard drive storage
  • UPS
  • VGA screen
  • Installation and setup

Site Total including installation $ 19500.00

This stage is now complete.


On a purpose built pole at the junction of Marsden Rd & Williams Rd.

$30,000 from Pub Charity, $4,000 from Business Paihia, $4,000 from Focus Paihia.

Covering the areas around the intersection of Marsden Road and Williams Road

  • 1 x Argos 16 channel 1080p digital recorder with 8TB hard drives
  • 1 x 800VA UPS
  • 1 x Monitor VGA
  • 2 x IGUANA duel cameras recording at 1080p
  • 1 x 360 Argos turret pole mount PTZ camera 1080p
  • 1 x Static Argos 1080p dome over view camera
  • 1 x POE injector
  • 1 x UPS 1500VA
  • 4 x Camera cable points
  • Equipment Cabinet water proof with anti moisture heater
  • Hexagonal galvanized, powder coated black for cameras

Site Total including installation $ 37300.00

This stage is now complete.


On the building on the corner of Goff Drive and Yorke Rd. The building is currently owned by Peter Honey and he has welcomed the opportunity. Thank you Peter.

Funding: $15,000 has recently been granted by PUB CHARITY. This stage is now also complete.


The Haruru Falls installation includes the following:

  • 2 x road license plate cameras,
  • 2 x intersection overview cameras,
  • 2Mp IP
  • 1 x long range 2Mp IP for bus stop
  • 1 x 4m Camera pole
  • Argos Hybrid 1080/720p HD recorder with 4TB hard drive storage
  • UPS
  • VGA screen
  • Wireless Access point using AES 128 encryption
  • Installation and setup

Site Total including installation $ 15,500.00

This stage is now complete.


The other areas still on the list for CCTV installations are:

  • Black Bridge Rd at the intersection of Nautical Drive $ 13,820.00
  • The roundabout on the intersection of Black Bridge Rd & Marsden Rd $11,320.00
  • Waitangi Bridge on the north side. $ 10,720.00
  • The car park between Marsden Road and School Road $ 10,320.00
  • King Street strip covering most of the Pubs and Back packers $ 7,320.00
  • The intersection of Paihia Road and Te Haumi Drive $ 10,920.00
  • The Intersection of Paihia Road and Franklin Street (Opua) $ 10,920.00
  • The intersection of Paihia Road and Opua Estate $ 13,420.00

2 thoughts on “CCTV Project

  1. When will Watea Estate have the two cameras active that are sitting getting bird dung all over them.

    1. Hi Ken,
      Thank you for contacting us regarding the cameras at Watea.
      These cameras were installed by the Watea subdivision developers and have nothing to do with Focus Paihia. However if you would be interested in being a driver to organise fundraising and the installation of them then Focus Paihia would potentially be happy to add them to the monitoring system held at the Kaitaia Police Station that we use for the cameras in Paihia.
      Kind regards,

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