Environmental Representation on Focus Paihia Community Trust Board

craig salmonIn response to discussion and feedback from the April 9 2014 Public Meeting, Focus Paihia Community Trust was delighted to announce in October 2014, the FPCT TRUSTEE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL REPRESENTATION – Craig Salmon.

CRAIG SALMON lives in Paihia. He grew up in Whangarei and is from a farming family. He has had a variety of jobs, the main being in the IT sector providing sales systems for the insurance industry for 15 years. He is now a freelance software developer and part time beekeeper. Craig is also a trustee and volunteer trapper and coordinator on Bay Bush Action Trust. BBA is a biodiversity protection group operating on around 250-300 hectares behind Paihia. They work closely with Forest and Bird and DOC.

He is an active member of Fish Forever advocating for 10% of the Bay to be protected in a network of marine reserves. He is also a coordinator/volunteer for Bay Beach Clean which picks rubbish up off the beach and roadsides around Paihia every two weeks. Craig is co-convener for the Northland branch of the Green Party and is also a member of Regional Electric Vehicle Utility Project (REV-UP) working with NRC and FNDC on infrastructure support for electric cars.

Craig has an excellent understanding of environmental issues and is passionate about carbon reduction and mitigation around climate change. Also pest control and biodiversity protection, waste management and recycling, ethical purchasing and electric transportation. The Focus Paihia Community Trust Board would like to warmly welcome Craig to the Board.

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