You may have noticed things smarten up again around the place. Horotutu had some serious pre season attention – all the seats were restrained, concrete borders put around the bases of the tree seats and the grass is looking splendid after we had the experts in – ALAN the Green Keeper at WAITANGI GOLF COURSE. With sound advice the Horotutu ‘Green Keepers’ have worked their magic and with a short rest from foot traffic and a good dose of tender loving care they have achieved a splendid result. Green as grass!

Thank you to all those who contribute their time and efforts to the Maintenance PPP. You are greatly appreciated!


Some familiar faces come back again and again for a round on the brushes. Notice it is the same faces that always crop up. Come on Paihia! Don’t just sit back and leave it to the few. It’s the new faces that keep the ‘old’ ones motivated. Just come for an hour. It makes the world of difference not just in practical terms but it is a huge boost for morale too! We can not just rely on the same 10 people to make our town beautiful. They will run out of gas. SUPPORT THE CORE CREW. PLEASE. WE NEED YOU! If you are keen to help out please email


Are you wondering how the grass on HOROTUTU stays so green, even throughout a summer of beating sun, even after being walked on by thousands of feet, with the odd circus show thrown in too? And how does that concrete stay so immaculate?

The answer is thanks to LARRY BOBAK & VERN WITEHIRA. This you will surely know as these guys are often seen at the park. Whilst Vern is a contracted Town Custodian in the afternoons, all of the time he spends, in the early mornings, working on the grass is voluntary. Together with LARRY from CELINIS, they spend countless volunteer hours watering and hosing about Horotutu. Thanks to them each morning we are greeted with a sparkling park, ready for the day. These are two men passionate about Paihia. We are very lucky to have them and would like to extend a huge heartfelt thanks to them for their efforts in keeping our town so beautiful. We all appreciate it!

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