With bad weather looming MOTU ITI was recently moved to safer waters in Russell to see out the storm. Fast work from PAIHIA DIVE with CRAIG JOHNSTON at the helm who also readily agreed to tow the pontoon back across the Bay when the weather cleared. Thank you Craig! Also thank you to BLAKE CAMERON for organizing both missions (and for jumping into the drink to change the shackles). Thanks to JONNY GREENER for lending a hand on the journey out and to GRANT HARNISH for a hand with the journey home. Thank you to BOB BILKEY for kindly letting us use his mooring in Russell.Rumours were running hot, with some suggesting the pontoon had been sold to Russell! It is great to see that she was so missed, however it is important to keep her safe. Bombs away!

A condition of the resource consent for the pontoon was that it will be removed for winter. So in accordance with this sometime in the near future the pontoon will be put on the hard.  We will be sure to notify you of this so no one thinks it has been pinched (or sold!)  Moti Iti will be back for your swimming pleasure at Labour Weekend – in place for a full summer of fun!

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