FOCUS PAIHIA in collaboration with BUSINESS PAIHIA is excited to bring you BUSINESSES WITH HEART! Bringing the spirit of extreme generosity to businesses in town where businesses open up their spaces and offer services to the public unrelated to their business.

How topping up a water bottle increased sales for one retailer… Imagine you are a visitor that has just arrived in Paihia. You are browsing in one of the shops when the owner ap­proaches and asks, “Is this your first visit to Paihia?” You reply yes, and the owner hands you a map. “Paihia is a town that loves to look after its visitors. This map shows you which businesses make their toilets available to visitors; or provide free baby-change facilities, or free Wi-Fi. Each participating business has a sticker on their front window showing which services they offer. I top up people’s water bottles. Can I top up yours?” While the store owner is filling your bottle, you spy some­thing that you just can’t resist buying. You had only planned to stop in Paihia briefly. But you are captivated by the generosity of this town. You use one of the toilets offered by a Business With Heart and are surprised that it is no ordinary toilet. It has been decorated with flair and imagination. You take a photo, order a coffee, and post the photo on Facebook. “Paihia is the funkiest, most friendly town I have ever visited,” you write. “If you are ever near Paihia, you must visit!!”

kids playing

Focus Paihia will be funding and creating the map that includes all the Businesses With Heart. So if this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, pick one heart or all five or even add another one… will you offer free umbrellas, prams, bikes, scooters? Please fill out the attached form, download HERE and return to to be part of our flagship businesses with heart program. Lets put Paihia on the map for being the place to go where locals and visitors are welcomed like they would be if they visited your home. Any questions related to this or placemaking give Sarah a call on 021 896 998.

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