Placemaking Workshop with David Engwicht

“Focus Paihia HAS to get David back run a workshop to get everyone inspired for Winter” And he did just that! Katja Caulton told us this in January and so we organised for David to have a 2 day workshop with us on the 1st and 2nd of May. Every time David comes back he brings another level to our Placemaking and the way we can create an exceptional place to work, live and play in Paihia.

david workshopPaihia gets more creative at spending money every time we ask for input and this 2 day workshop was no different. Over 50 people attended and while the numbers were a little lower than previous events, the creative output was even bigger and better, than previously. A huge thank you to all those who participated.  As a result 9 projects are being driven by 9 passionate drivers. The Drivers will present their developed proposals and budgets to the FP Board for sign off on 25 May and the projects will be announced soon after. So watch this space for timelines and working bee dates to lift Paihia to another level. The projects stretch from the entry at either end of town, down to Waitangi and even into our Op Shop, to give it a well deserved makeover into the funkiest Opshop in the WORLD!

One area that crops up time and again is the Mall and with David and the workshop attendees help, we feel Focus Paihia can facilitate a solution to our tired old Mall. David will be back on the 18th of June to facilitate a workshop that will include the landlords (of the Mall area), retailers in this area and members of the community who want to make the space feel part of Paihia, revitalising it for the benefit of the entire community. The Landlords will be funding this day long workshop and it is our hope that from this a cohesive approach funded by the landlords (and NOT passed on to the tenants) will be created and executed over this winter. Please note Focus Paihia is putting no money into this project but is donating time and supporting the landlords, retailers and the community to make this happen.

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