By now most of you will have seen the announcement made last week that we have finally signed the Management Agreement with the Department of Conservation to use the Endowment Forest as a Mountain Bike Park. It  has been a lot of work to get to this point but the perseverance has paid off. Yahoo! Thank you to everyone for the messages of support. Public response on the various Facebook posts has been overwhelming and the encouragement from all areas of the community is greatly appreciated. Now we can concentrate on raising money and building this little beauty!

See the Northern Advocate article here[hr]

Progress Report

Southstar Trails are booked and we begin the building process in September. We have some money to get us started and a number of funding applications can now be sent off (now that we have the permission to use the land). So we will continue to keep fingers crossed for positive outcomes of those. Basically the faster we raise the money, the more crews we can get on the ground, the faster we can build it.
We have launched a Give a Little campaign – if you’re able to help with this project, which will lead to an increased number of visitors and revenue coming into Northland, year round – please donate. Please share the link with your friends and colleagues. Every dollar counts.
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last] [box]For more details and to see concept plans for the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park click HERE.[/box]

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