CCTV Install Update August 2021

The work in central Paihia is largely complete, cameras are working and all images are being recorded. 


  • ITM – 2 x visual, 2 x anpr – covering the road to Bledisloe
  • Haruru Falls – 2 x visual, 2 x anpr – covering roads
  • Marsden Road Traffic Lights – 3 x visual, 1 x anpr
  • ASB – 2 x visual – under canopy
  • FNHL Main Carpark – night colour x 4 (and new light tower being installed) (FNHL are paying)
  • Kiwi Liquor – 2 Night colour, 1 x anpr, 1 very powerful ptz
  • Monitoring station at Paihia Police Station
  • Link to monitoring station at Kerikeri Police Station

For the remaining cameras and sites, we plan to use road light poles and/or FNDC buildings to put the cameras onto, which also need a power source. We are waiting on permissions from FNDC and Top Energy – as soon as we have those Northland CCTV will crack on with the installations.

  • Watea Estate entrance – 3 x visual, and 2 x anpr (both directions SH11, and in and out of the estate)
  • Waitangi bridge – 2 x visual, 1 x anpr
  • Waitangi boat ramp – 3 locations, 3 visual
  • Davis Cres – above Ti Bay bakery on corner – visual (sponsored by new owner above)
  • Kings Road – opposite bars – 2-night colour, 1 PTZ, 1 ANPR
  • Te Haumi entrance – 2 x visual, 1 x anpr
  • Oromahoe Road – 1 x visual
  • Top of Opua Hill – 3 visual to cover all directions, 1 x PTZ, 2 x ANPR
  • Toilet block opposite Anchorage Motel (new site)

A monitoring station is set up at Paihia Police Station, as well as at the Kerikeri Police Station. Additionally, the HIK system in use has an app for phones/tablets so online remote viewing is possible. 
We will be putting up CCTV signs by the camera sites to raise awareness.  We’ve had great support from lots of people and companies, once the CCTV and Community Patrol is more established, we will thank those involved, and publicise more of what’s in place.

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