CCTV Update April 2022

Use of the CCTV network is continuing to build, with a combination of active live monitoring, reactively supporting
police checking incidents that have happened, and building capabilities via Kerikeri Community Patrol. In line with
Focus Paihia’s overall aim to help enabling Paihia to be an exceptional place to live, work and visit, the Board is
pleased to see the earlier work in fund raising and commissioning the re-vitalised CCTV network being used to
good effect for the community.
Most of our community will be aware there have unfortunately been some ‘challenging’ incidents in and around
Paihia recently. Focus Paihia has teamed up with Kerikeri Community Patrol (who will always welcome new
volunteers), who offer pro-active support to both police and the community with CCTV monitoring and physical
patrols, which are getting going again post Covid-19. A lot of the police’s activity is naturally ‘behind the scenes’;
the CCTV has added to the resources they are able to call on, and is being actively used to respond
appropriately. It has also helped in their efforts to support the community and take pro-active action (which is
often in the early hours, possibly unseen by many – it’s great to know they are there!)
The Focus Paihia Board wants the community to know that, along with Business Paihia, we are pro-actively
working ‘behind the scenes’ to address some of the issues that we, like everyone else, are seeing. You can reach us at

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