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Focus Paihia Maintenance Bee

On Saturday 26 September yet more PAIHIA PLACEMAKING PHANTOMS –  THE ODD JOB CREW – were at it again.  It was a wonderful day! Great support, a great fun atmosphere and lots of work done. Huge thanks to all who rolled up their sleeves, to those who baked the lunch and to those who otherwise supported. Project Driven by HEINZ MARTI the team had great […]

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cigarette butt bins

Don’t Be a Tosser

Cigarette filters have been identified as the most common form of litter and it’s estimated that 4.5 trillion butts become litter worldwide each year.  Cigarette butts also account for about 28 percent of littered items washing up on beaches worldwide and Paihia is no exception. In response, BAY BUSH ACTIONS’s, beach cleaning group, BAY BEACH CLEAN, in […]

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Paihia pontoon

Motu Iti – Little Island

Focus Paihia presents MOTU ITI, aka the PAIHIA SWIMMING PONTOON, now in place for your swimming pleasure. Located in the middle of Taiputuputu Pahi Beach, almost opposite St Paul’s Church. It is wonderful to see it proving to be so popular after the splendid effort put in by the Focus Paihia Pontoon Phantoms! Though this project […]

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Horotutu sign

The Horotutu Sign Story

A sign has been developed and is now installed in HOROTUTU – OUR PLACE (under the tree near the map board) celebrating the story of how the park came about. Thank you to BRITTA MARTI for her help with the sign project development. Thank you to TRACY & PHIL TAYLOR from XSTREAM PROFILES for their master craftsmanship of the steel. Thank you to GRANT HARNISH and BRUCE […]

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Paihia review 2015

Paihia Review 2015 – On Sale Now

The Paihia Review (the Paihia Almanac that was) 2015 has a sub-heading ‘Celebrating Our Community’ and that is largely what it is about, listing the marvellous things that are happening in Paihia and around. The contents include… Local Politics, Paihia Community of the Year 2015 Application – Recent Initiatives, Substantial Works in Progress, Highlighted Organisations In Revitalisation […]

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Seat painting team

Maintenance PPP

You may have noticed things smarten up again around the place. Horotutu had some serious pre season attention – all the seats were restrained, concrete borders put around the bases of the tree seats and the grass is looking splendid after we had the experts in – ALAN the Green Keeper at WAITANGI GOLF COURSE. […]

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Marsden Rd seating project

Marsden Road Seating Project

Project Drivers: TODD & ROCKY EVERS from ALFRECO’S Plans were developed, implemented and completed, to fix the old seating on the beachfront of TAIPUTUPUTUPAHI Beach, Marsden Rd in Paihia. Also additional seating has been added and lighting along the footbath. THE PLAN: New Lighting installed along the waterfront – the same as the tall box […]

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CCTV Project

The CCTV Camera project covers Opua through to Paihia & Waitangi, Haruru and Watea.  Kings Rd, the CDB and Haruru Falls now all have operational cameras with more to come for other locations to complete project. While CCTV forms part of a process of making our community safer it is not the only part of […]

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