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Ti Bay beach

Waitangi Projects

Darl Tana approached the Waitangi Marae and Paihia School Principal, to enlist their support for putting together some ideas for the Te Tii Beach area. The Principal agreed, and the Senior Class (Yrs 7 & 8) met with members of the Waitangi Marae Committee and the project team, to brainstorm ideas. The purpose of this […]

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Bird Boards Project

Rae and Brad’s project is to erect ‘ bird boards’ in respective areas along the foreshore to enable people to identify the species they see. The boards will include photos of sea birds that can be found in the area and information about each bird. Some of our local birds have amazing story’s so why not […]

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trustpower community award 2015

Roadside Carvings Project

Plans are currently being developed to erect a wooden carving at each end of town commemorating the Community of the Year and Trustpower awards wins and celebrating our magnificent community spirit. Their exact location is yet to be finalised.  The trophy that Focus Paihia received for winning the Trustpower Awards will be the design. Tania has […]

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Trails Project

Heritage, Orienteering, Kids Adventure and Flag Trails Debbie is driving a project to create a number of trails, of which initially 4 trails are currently being developed. The Flag Trail – is to be revamped with additional flags added to the footpath in Waitangi. Also an Orienteering Trail, a Kids Treasure Hunt Trail and a Heritage Trail, in conjunction with the PAIHIA HAVEN […]

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Focus Paihia Op Shop Renovation

The Focus Paihia Op Shop is all set to be renovated. Being a primary funder of Focus Paihia Placemaking Projects, it only makes sense to keep her in tip top condition. It is also important to keep it a smooth running, well functioning, fun environment for the many volunteers that contribute countless hours. Plans are […]

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International Volunteer Resource Bank

The aim of this project is to garner a wider range of local residents assisting Focus Paihia projects, by contributing short-term board and lodging to young international volunteers. Consequently it will also provide extra labour to Focus Paihia projects. The IVRB will attract International travellers to volunteer on Focus Paihia and other Paihia community projects. A calendar of […]

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businesses with heart

Businesses with Heart

FOCUS PAIHIA in collaboration with BUSINESS PAIHIA is excited to bring you BUSINESSES WITH HEART! Bringing the spirit of extreme generosity to businesses in town where businesses open up their spaces and offer services to the public unrelated to their business. How topping up a water bottle increased sales for one retailer… Imagine you are a visitor […]

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Waitangi Mountain Bike Park Upate

Focus Paihia Community Charitable Trust is establishing a non-commercial community mountain bike park in the Waitangi Endowment Forest. This will provide a world class mountain bike facility, which embraces and celebrates the cultural heritage of the area and provides a land based healthy activity for people of all ages.  PROGRESS UPDATE has been said before… we are […]

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