Community Volunteer of the Year Award

In 2020 the Trust has introduced an award for the ‘Community Volunteer of the Year’ to recognise the amazing contributions made by the army of volunteers who step forward to make Paihia a wonderful place in which to live, work and play.

Each year a winner will be presented with a carving and their name will be added to the Community Volunteer of the Year Honours board located at the Focus Paihia Op Shop.

2020 Award Nominees

Our 2020 nominees were: Jan Baker, Mark Johnson, Jennifer Pickering, Ann Truscott, Paulene Witcomb, Terry Halliday

>>See information about all 2020 Nominees here<<

2020 Award Winner – Terry Halliday

Terry is one of those all round good guys that we’re lucky enough to have in our community. He spends many hours maintaining and clearing not only the Opua/Paihia walking track but also the Haruru Falls track and the footpath between Haruru Falls and Waitangi, as well as regularly picking up roadside rubbish between these two areas.  Just the other day he collected 9 bags of rubbish along this stretch.

Terry likes a good chat and enjoys meeting and sharing his local knowledge, history and fantastic stories of his 78 years here in the Bay of Islands, often touching the lives of people, including many tourists – he is a great ambassador for our town.

He was the Paihia School caretaker for many years, and even now goes back now and then to help out.  We received this great story from an ex pupil…

“Mr Halliday as I’ve always known him was the caretaker at Paihia Primary school and was a legend way back then.  He doubled as a version of the school’s informal dentist, frowned upon in these modern times I’m sure, but as 5-10 years old we’d sit outside Room 3 at morning tea and Mr Halliday would pull our loose teeth out for us.  Job done, no mucking around!

Like many others, we think Terry’s a legend in this community, and it was for this reason we awarded Terry as this year’s Community Volunteer of the Year!

Terry was presented with a carving specifically made for this award by carver Arama Davis, and a dinner voucher for two at Terra Restaurant.

An honours board has also been placed upon the Op Shop wall which will display each year’s new winner.

Terry Halliday – 2020 winner of the Community Volunteer of the Year award.