Paihia Masterplan

Paihia Masterplan

The Masterplan is a visual concept of what we want Paihia to be looking like in 15+ years. It establishes the look and feel for our future, laying the foundation for moving forward.

The Plan was launched in December 2011. Designers ‘Stephenson and Turner’ were asked to develop a ‘contemporary – maritime’ look that would retain a village feel. They reviewed all the information Focus Paihia had collected from the community and also worked very closely alongside the Trust to ensure the design was in line with the community’s wishes.

Nothing about the design is set in stone. Some of the ideas and layout are likely to change as we start fine-tuning the design. Ultimately, we as a community will need to be happy with any new ‘public area’ development, as it will be us signing it off.

Who’s driving it?

The Focus Paihia Community Trust, as owners of the concept, are leading this project. A Working Party was set up in 2010. Their role is to support Focus Paihia in taking this Masterplan ‘dream’ and turning it into a reality.

email: or phone 022 128 3805.

Download a PDF copy of the >>Masterplan Launch Nov 2011<<

Where are things at?

There is a tremendous amount of work in making this happen. In 2012, through the Working Party, the planning was put in place. This included making sure the plan was formally recognised in the right documents (mainly government), looking at the engineering requirements and the feasibility of actually developing the concept, and building strong relationships to help ensure that the process of creating our new look was as smooth as possible. We worked with both private and public organisations to help make it happen.

Then, on March 28, 2013 a public meeting was held to launch the first small step toward a more exceptional town. The support and enthusiasm at this meeting was encouraging! We knew that a goal as big as the Masterplan would have to be broken down into bite sized chunks.

Winter 2013 Placemaking Project

Dubbed the biggest Phantom Placemaker Project (PPP) since “Paihia’s Wee Toilet”, the project, completed in Winter 2013 saw the waterfront carpark transformed into a public use greenspace. As with all previous place making projects this one required considerable support from the community. Creativity, donated resources, and people power are our strengths that ensure we achieved our goal.

See what was accomplished in this video.