Maiki Hill

Maiki Hill Cleanup

The Maiki Hill cleanup consisted of gorse and rubbish removal, picnic area refurbishment, repairing and upgrading the lookout platform, and waterblasting and painting the staircase and railings. The team wanted to spruce up the hill in honor of its history and its prime location as a viewpoint and picnic area.

While volunteers wondered how to approach the gorse problem, the Department of Corrections Kaikohe was looking for community service projects. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It took community service teams of up to 6 people, supported by local volunteers driving the gorse getaway truck, nearly 10 days to remove the majority of gorse and non-native overgrowth from the hill.

Maiki Lookout before
Gorse threatening to jump the fence at the top of Maiki Hill; platform railings need repair
Maiki Lookout after
After: Phantom Placemakers and Community Services teams helped transform the hill

In July a building sprint was organized. Weather-beaten seat and table tops were replaced with new lumber, and the hazardous railing around the lookout platform was renewed and fortified.

weathered picnic tables at Maiki Hill
Before: the picnic site needs attention
Waiting for the picnic after Maiki Hill's picnic area is refurbished
Maiki Hill’s picnic area is refurbished – bring on the fish’n chips!

During August a team laid a foundation of topsoil along the hilltop’s potentially hazardous cliffs and small hedge trees were planted in that soil. This ensured that planting could happen yet the ground would not be disturbed, a measure in keeping with the site’s historic and archaeological significance. As a safety precaution, signs indicating the cliff’s edge were placed in full view.

Danger cliff signage at Maiki Hill
Danger cliff signage at Maiki Hill
hedge plants Maiki hill
Hedge plants, top of Maiki hill

Plans to revegetate the north side of the hill are underway. A native grass seed mix will be sprayed onto the hill and fingers are crossed that the weather will cooperate and the seed will take.

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