Start a Project

Start a Project

Do You Have a Project Idea for Paihia?

If you have a great idea on how to improve our town then this is the process to get it under way if you would like the support from Focus Paihia.

Important things you need to know:

  • Focus Paihia does not DO the projects, the Drivers and the Community DO the projects. Focus Paihia endorses, facilitates and when appropriate, contributes funds to projects.
  • Focus Paihia facilitates COMMUNITY projects. It does not get involved with private projects however, FPCCT are available to discuss, liaise and advise private projects.

PPPS – Paihia Phantom Placemaking Projects

The process…

  1. You need to identify a driver. Every project needs a driver to get off the ground. A driver must be willing to see the project through from start to finish.
  2. Contact us and ask to go on the agenda for the next available meeting. The Board meets on the first Tuesday of every month. Present a proposal to the FPCCT Board complete with a project budget.
  3. The FPCCT Board decides whether to become involved based on the merits of the project, including cost and if it is in line with FPCCT objectives.
  4. If community consent is required FPCCT seeks community feedback.
  5. If the project is adopted as a PPP then the project becomes endorsed by Focus Paihia and the Board can assist to facilitate the project, but be aware YOU are responsible for seeing the project through.

Driving and becoming involved with community driven projects is very rewarding. Congratulations for having an idea and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Focus Paihia Community Charitable Trust Board