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pontoon waitangi river

Pontoon Motu Iti moving out for winter

MOTU ITI MOVING OUT… some will have noticed the Pontoon has disappeared from her mooring. She is safely stowed for the winter up the river. Huge thanks to MIKE LEVINGS from TOTAL YACHT CARE, for driving his boat. BLAKE CAMERON for organizing the mission and for the freezing swim to unshackle the tackle. And to […]

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paihia dive pontoon

Pontoon Returned

With bad weather looming MOTU ITI was recently moved to safer waters in Russell to see out the storm. Fast work from PAIHIA DIVE with CRAIG JOHNSTON at the helm who also readily agreed to tow the pontoon back across the Bay when the weather cleared. Thank you Craig! Also thank you to BLAKE CAMERON for organizing both missions […]

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Paihia pontoon

Motu Iti – Little Island

Focus Paihia presents MOTU ITI, aka the PAIHIA SWIMMING PONTOON, now in place for your swimming pleasure. Located in the middle of Taiputuputu Pahi Beach, almost opposite St Paul’s Church. It is wonderful to see it proving to be so popular after the splendid effort put in by the Focus Paihia Pontoon Phantoms! Though this project […]

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